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Great start to Pharmapack Europe 2022

We are very happy to come and visit our customers to discuss their 2024 and onwards objectives!


[NEW] PDMS Analysis by FTIR

PDMS analysis by FTIR is a test that consists of extracting and identifying PDMS residues in a qualitative/semi-quantitative method in pharmaceuticals or medical samples.

PDMS Analysis by FTIR

Transport Simulation — ISTA 2A, Part 3 - Vibration Testing

The purpose is to analyse the properties of both the packaging shipping unit as well as the final product, and evaluate if the sterile barrier integrity sealing is not damaged when faced with random vibration inputs. Medistri « Transport Simulation — ISTA 2A, Part 3 - Vibration Testing »

Medistri's official Instagram page

Three months after the launch of instagram page, we’re proud to see the growth of our community and our industry-peers on the social network. Medistri « Medistri's official Instagram page »

Biocompatibility Testing - ISO 10993

Biocompatibility is defined as “The ability of a device material to perform with an appropriate host response in a specific situation”.

Biocompatibility Testing - ISO 10993