The new stack of fully integrated services

At Medistri we’re continually innovating our range of services. We’re expanding our services to offer a complete integrated suite of solutions for the innovative healthcare companies. Organisations of every size — from startups to large enterprises use our suit of services to grow & optimise their business.

Medistri combines all it’s technical infrastructure together and places quality at the heart of our day-to-day operations.

👉 Sterilisation Services:
Medistri’s EO & Steam sterilisation infrastructure was engineered to allow you to save time and distribute your products on the market faster. We have optimised our sterilisation protocols to provide you with the fastest sterilisation services available to date. Medistri’s EO sterilisation cycles are completed within 4 days from the arrival of your products at our facilities.

👉 Validation Services:
We’ve established a culture of complete transparency to ensure that your team is notified and regularly updated with the detailed outcomes of all stages of your validation projects for:
- Sterilisation Validation
- Process Validation
- Cleaning Validation
- Packaging Validation (including Transport Simulation & Sterile Barrier Testing).

👉 Laboratory Services:
Our Laboratory works according to ISO 17025 and is accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS). All our lab tests can be performed according to European or US pharmacopeias. Our team specialises in:
- Biocompatibility & Toxicology
- Chemistry
- Sterility Assurance
- Extractable’s & Leachable’s

👉 Manufacturing Services:
During the development of your product or even at the prototyping phase, Medistri can provide you with a custom solution that fit to your manufacturing requirements. From Product Assembly to Integration, Cleaning, Custom Packaging, Labelling, CE Marking, Quality Control and even Distribution & Logistics — Medistri is ready to help you introduce your product on the market. (Medistri is also certified by Swissmedic for the management and sales of pharmaceutical components.)

“Removing Complexity.”

With Medistri’s full suite of services, you can now fully integrate the development of your products within your existing operational workflow. Allowing you to simplify your supply chain management and focus on growth.

🎯 To learn more about our services visit on our website at or by clicking here.

- The Medistri Team