2022 Carbon Emissions Report

(Download: 2022 Carbon Emissions Report in PDF by Medistri)

At Medistri, we’re focused on offering great services and infrastructure for healthcare companies with the task of bettering our planet. We take responsibility for our services throughout their entire cycles—from sourcing materials, managing processes to forwarding the products to our customers.

We focus on the areas where we can make the biggest difference for our planet: reducing our impact on climate change, conserving important resources and using safer materials. Millions of products pass through our Sterilisation infrastructure every year. Making adjustments to reduce our carbon impact can have a meaningful impact.

We are pleased to inform you about the release of our 2022 Carbon Emissions Report. Medistri’s CO2 Report was completed in December of 2022 by an external auditor and it has been generated in accordance with the ISO 14064 standards and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol principles.

🥇 With this report, we're excited to announce that Medistri is the first Contract Sterilisation Company in the industry to measure and calculate its carbon footprint. This marks a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment.

👉 For the first time in our industry, by carefully tracking and analyzing our energy usage, transportation, waste and other environmental factors, Medistri's CO2 Report gives our customers exact data on the average CO2 consumption per pallet that goes through our EO Sterilisation process.

The complete report provides a detailed analysis of the carbon footprint generated by our company over the course of the year.

This milestone now allows our customers to track their carbon footprint throughout their supply chain & manufacturing process. It will help them to make informed decisions about reducing their own carbon footprint - and make positive changes to achieve their environmental targets.

🎯 More information related to Medistri's 2022 Carbon Impact Report is available on-request to Medistri's trusted customers by contacting their customer representatives.

- The Medistri Team